Manspreading Rebutted By A Womansplainer

So this little exchange crossed my Twitter timeline this morning and it was too good not to share.  The original tweet and the response are in order below so you can easily follow along (with my own interjections, of course).

We start with our busybody bitch brave, strong, independent woman who is doing her duty by taking a swipe at the patriarchy while riding on the subway. Continue reading Manspreading Rebutted By A Womansplainer


The Boy Scouts: Morally, and Now Also Financially, Bankrupt

The Boy Scouts of America Scouts have recently announced that they are looking at the option of filing bankruptcy due to declining membership.  For anyone on the right (or with two brain cells to rub together), this comes as no surprise.  I myself have been predicting this outcome for a few years now, so the Scouts announcement that they might be going under evoked a somewhat morbid satisfaction in me. Continue reading The Boy Scouts: Morally, and Now Also Financially, Bankrupt

Spot the Bullshit: Study Shows Husbands Stress Out Their Wives More than the Kids Do

I came across this little doozy of a study this morning while listening to the radio.  As soon as I heard the radio host discussing this study, I knew I needed to look up the article he was referencing as well as discuss it here.

The basic premise of this *ahem* “comprehensive” survey of 7,000 moms explains that husbands tend to stress out their wives twice as much as their kids do.  After reading the article in question and the original article that it references, I’m seeing some glaring issues that these writers seem to want to just gloss over, Continue reading Spot the Bullshit: Study Shows Husbands Stress Out Their Wives More than the Kids Do

Men In Name Only

A common subject that is discussed in the Red Pill community is the infantilization of women and how modern society props them up on an undeserving pedestal, giving them benefits simply due to “muh vagina.”

True, there are many issues that seek to remove the agency and accountability of our fairer halves, but how often to we turn the focus around on ourselves?  How often do we look at what we as men are doing?

No, I’m not talking about bullshit things like “toxic masculinity,” but rather how modern society is infantilizing men. Continue reading Men In Name Only

Pyramid of Power

This is something I’ve mused about off and on over the past few years while observing social/political dynamics.  It is a relatively straightforward progression, usually starting at the top and working its way down if the current level isn’t producing the desired effects.  Typically, most encounters don’t progress to the final level (Physical Violence) with either one of the parties yielding before reaching the point of exchanging blows or coming to a resolution. Continue reading Pyramid of Power


Today I am writing about endurance. I am writing about how in all area’s of life, parts of ourselves must endure the challenge and burden of performance. We must continue onward as leader to a family. As a leader first to our true nature and order of experience.

Solitude is something sacred. We can endure through hell in solitude, but not isolation. We are a tribal species and as such at points we bond and connect as a collective. Being excellent at something requires you to endure beyond failure. Handle rejection in decency and spend time with your true self in collaboration. Continue reading Endurance

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